Kiev will host 500 foreign realtors

The CEREAN Council (Association of real estate associations of Central Europe), decided to hold its 11th conference in Kiev. It is expected that this event will take place in the autumn of next year after the Eurovision-2005 contest.

Today CEREAN is a powerful international organization, which includes 4,500 realtors from 11 countries. Realtors of Central Europe are United primarily by the similarity of problems: in almost all countries of the former socialist camp there are still problems with the legislative regulation of real estate transactions, as well as a high level of abuse of real estate. Therefore, the exchange of experience with foreign colleagues within CEREAN, the formation of a system of unified real estate price indices, the establishment of business contacts for Ukrainian realtors can be very useful.

This year, the President of the commodity exchange “all-Ukrainian real estate exchange”, the first Vice-President of the Association of real estate specialists of Ukraine Artur Hovhannisyan was elected to the CEREAN Council. Thanks to his efforts, the capital of Ukraine was chosen as the venue of the 11th conference. “This conference is a great opportunity to raise the prestige of the realtor’s profession in Ukraine,” Artur Hovhannisyan believes, ” to increase the flow of foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine, to draw the attention of the authorities and the public to the need for better legislative regulation of operations in the real estate market and bringing our regulations to European standards. The working theme of the conference: “Improvement of legislation in the field of real estate and real estate technologies as a necessary factor to enhance investment attractiveness.”

More than 500 representatives from 35-40 countries are expected to participate in the conference.”

Kiev began to build a bridge and a new station

The construction of a railway and road bridge across the Dnieper river on the railway section Kiev-Moskovsky and passenger station in Darnitsa has been started. By the end of the year, it is planned to attract all $700 million of loan funds for the project. The attraction of lending will also be conducted on a tender basis. According to the Ministry of transport, Deutsche Bank is among the potential creditors.

The new railway passenger station in Darnitsa should provide a rational distribution of passenger and high-speed trains between the existing station Kiev-Passenger and the new station complex at the station “Darnitsa”. According to the project, the new 4-storey railway station will be equipped with all necessary infrastructure, including a hotel, a service center, restaurants. Near the station there is a Parking and a shopping center. Construction work is scheduled to be completed in 2004-2005.

Kiev will sell land on the street. Proreznaya, 24/39

This is a former residential building, famous for its restaurant “Leipzig”. The transaction amount is UAH 8.3 million. The buyer is a subsidiary of “Grand Plaza” Corporation “Gelegen, Inc.”, which will reconstruct the building to the level of a five-star hotel and will be engaged in its further operation. This decision was made by the session of the Kyiv city Council.

The second hypermarket Metro in Kiev

The area of land on Poznyaki allocated for the construction of a shopping center and a Central office is 10 hectares. Now the company is engaged in the registration of the purchase of this site. The total area of the building will be 21 thousand m2, of which the trading area will require 10 thousand m2.

Real estate will be discounted?

BP approved in the first reading of the draft amendments to the law defining the preparation and conduct of open tenders for the sale of real estate. In particular, it is proposed that if the property at the specified price is not sold at the first auction, then the initial price at which it is sold is reduced at the second auction. However, no more than 30%.

July 29 in the capital opened shopping center “Pyramid»

Its total area is 16 000 m2. It was built by Universal Star Co, which already has a number of implemented projects of shopping centers in Jordan, UAE and Russia. This is a modern shopping complex, which is conveniently located 50 m from the

St. M. “Poznyaki”: more than 10 large-format stores of well-known brands, more than 300 small operators and a food supermarket, where you can quickly and comfortably buy everything you need.

“Pyramid” is located in a very “right” place, which is confirmed by the concentration of large commercial and public facilities (supermarket BILLA, McDonalds, shopping center “Aladdin”, soon it is planned to build a hypermarket Metro), focused on different consumers with different levels of income. This concentration of shopping and entertainment facilities in the area creates synergies and will attract even more visitors.

Is preparing to put into operation the first stage of an elite residential district on the hem – “Vozdvizhenka»

Customer, General contractor and the investor is OJSC Trest “Kyivmiskbud-1” named after M. P. Zagorodny

The district includes four streets: Vozdvizhenskaya, Goncharnaya, Kozhemyatskaya and Degtyarnaya (between Lviv square and Andreevsky descent, on the one hand, the Upper shaft and Smirnov-Lastochkina – on the other).

The architectural solution of the mini-town is designed in the style of the 19th century. The houses are decorated with columns and porticos, stucco and artistic forging of metal elements of the facade. The complex has more than 90 houses and estates. The estates, ranging from 400 to 900 m2, have their own courtyards. The houses are designed for 2-6 apartments in each, with an area of 120 m2, a ceiling height of 3.3 m, independent heating – in each apartment.

On the first floors of the houses – garage boxes, in addition, in the district designed guest Parking.

Vozdvizhenka has its own infrastructure. This art gallery, and creative workshops, offices, cafes, provided the complex beauty salons, a dental clinic and more.

The health of four-legged friends will be taken care of here, because the veterinary clinic is already functioning.

The first start-up phase involves seven apartment buildings on the street. Vozdvizhenskaya №29, 29-a, 29-b, 31, 31-a, 31-b and 33.

It is planned to complete the construction of this wonderful, without exaggeration, “fairy-tale city” by the end of 2006.

Interesting analysis by region

Investments in retail real estate in Donetsk pay off on average 5 times faster than in Ivano-Frankivsk. This conclusion was made by the analysis of the database of proposals for the sale and lease of commercial and office space in six regions of Ukraine analysts of the company “RED” (Kiev). Under the current market conditions, investments in retail premises in Sumy and Cherkassy are paid off most quickly – from 2.5 to 4.5 years, depending on the location. The payback period of commercial premises in Chernivtsi range from 3.2 to 8.5 years in Donetsk-from 3 to 6 years in Dnepropetrovsk – from 4.5 to 6.5 years in Ivano-Frankivsk – from 13 to 28 years.

In Kharkov, it is planned to create two underground shopping centers…

… under the two Central squares of the city – the Constitution and Freedom. However, the authorities still find it difficult to name the timing of the projects, arguing that the design of this kind of construction is different from the usual procedure.

New concept of underground space use

At the end of August, in the business and administrative center of Kiev, in the heart of Bessarabian quarter, it is planned to open the Capital square, which will become the center of attraction of Kyiv residents and guests of the capital. The complex being created in Bessarabian quarter has no analogues in Eastern Europe, embodying the future of urban development. The architecture of the Capital square has an original solution: inside – open space with an elevation-stage. The square itself will be surrounded by a square of buildings, which will house offices, shops, cafes, restaurants. The main entrance to the square is provided through the underground passage under the street New passage, which will be open 24 hours.

Special attention should be given to the shopping gallery of gifts “New passage”. Here will be collected a variety of operators, the range of which will solve the problem of choosing a gift.

The success of the Galician auctioneers

At the last land auction in Lviv five plots were sold for 13 million 780 thousand UAH. This is the most successful auction ever held in the Western capital. The city authorities of Lviv in 2004 intend to gain from sales not less than 20 million UAH.

HELP. Last year, this amount was 8 million UAH.

In Lutsk began construction of the largest hypermarket in the region

In accordance with the project documentation, it is expected that its area will be 7 thousand m2, and according to construction technologies it will be the most “advanced” in the Western region of the power. The opening of the Tam-Tam hypermarket is planned in a year. The complex will include 20 boutiques, 5 specialized service centers, three fast food establishments, children’s rooms. The product range is planned in the amount of 20 thousand items.

On 7 July, officially presented the shopping center “Kvadrat-Avrora»

The trade area of the center is 18 000 m2. In accordance with the presented concept, the Mall will accommodate a grocery supermarket with an area of 3500 m2, a gallery of brand stores, food court, entertainment and services areas, a children’s supermarket,

shop home appliances and more. Fans of the movie expects a new modern 4-screen multiplex. According to the designers, the shopping center “Kvadrat-Aurora” will be connected to the exit of one of the new metro stations “Boulevard Perova”, which will allow passengers to get inside the complex without hindrance.

Solliers: a new direction

Colliers international experts announced their intention to represent the interests of the Russian supermarket chain Paterson in the negotiations and signing of the lease of retail premises in the shopping center “Kuren” to create the first in Ukraine supermarket network, which is scheduled to open in September.